Armanda & Jonathan

Dec. 27, 2008 at The View Hotel

After an anniversary dinner with friends that toasted the couple’s five years together, as well as Jon’s birthday, Jonathan and Armanda headed home. As Armanda was chatting, she almost missed the surprise Jonathan had planned for her—a rose petal and candlelit path that led to 18 dozen roses and a very special question. She knew The View hotel was the ideal backdrop for their wedding, particularly because of the spiritual nature of the venue. She also honored her Navajo roots by incorporating turquoise into almost every aspect of the day, from the invitations to her bouquet. After a snowy rehearsal day, the skies cleared and the wedding day dawned with perfect weather. The couple celebrated with 200 of their family and friends, opting for a day-after photo shoot so they could spend more time with all their guests who meant so much to them.

Honeymoon: Cancun, Mexico

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