Cigar Aficionados: Treat Your Wedding Guests to a Cigar Station

How to turn a passion for fine cigars into big entertainment for your outdoor reception.
From: Fall/Winter 2013 edition

Once upon a time, smoking a cigar was the thing to do when celebrating, whether that was a new baby, a big business contract or a wedding. Alli and Alex Herreid, who were married at the Sanctuary on Camelback in Paradise Valley on November 18, 2012, reached back into American cultural memory to host a cigar-rolling station during their wedding reception.

The idea to have cigars at the wedding began when the couple was brainstorming activities for their guests at their reception. “Alex and my dad really enjoy cigars, and we had an older crowd—our youngest guest was 20,” says Alli. “We also planned to have a photo booth to give our guests another entertainment option.”

The Herreids worked with a vendor recommended by the resort, who drew up a menu of customized tobaccos to be offered. They also incorporated the theme into the couple’s wedding favors: customized matchbooks with Alli and Alex’s monogram.

Finding a friendly venue that has an appropriate (and legally compliant) outdoor space for a cigar station was crucial for Alli and Alex, as was having that outdoor space be nearby the ballroom. “The cigar station would have been difficult to execute indoors,” says Alli. “And if our guests had had to walk any distance to get to the smoking terrace, it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as popular.”

Guests learned about the cigar-rolling station during dinner. The menu mentioned that the reception would feature the cigar station, the photo booth, and a candy and snack bar on the ballroom’s terrace. The outdoor stations stayed busy for the three hours they were open. “People were circulating between all three spots all night,” says Alli.