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How would you describe what you do?

Full service wedding planners and consultants.

How long have you been in the business?

13 years

What is your philosophy on a wedding planner’s role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?

We are full-service wedding planners.  In other words, we don’t expect our couples to do the legwork – we do it for them.  We don’t just hand them a referral list, collect a fee, and then expect them to make their own arrangements.  We are in constant contact with our vendors, advocating for our couples and creating goodwill for them.  Each couple is important and unique to us, requiring personal and intimate attention.

Do you offer packages?  If so, please describe.

Yes, small ceremony only packages, which can be modified, upgraded, and added onto, such as, a dinner party, reception, décor, etc. Go to our website at and click on Wedding Packages. This is in addition to our custom-planning services.

What is your most popular package?  Why?

Two most popular:
• Red Rock Floral – inexpensive, no frills, and easy
• Shaman’s Blessing – unique to our area and perhaps the nation, we offer a Native American officiant

How do you charge?  What are your rates?

Two pricing structures:
• Packages are inclusive of our fees
• Custom-planned weddings are charged a flat fee based on the size of the wedding

Are you able to counsel couples on wedding etiquette?


Do you offer any other special services?

One thing that sets Weddings in Sedona apart is our responsiveness and attention to detail.  Many couples have commented to us that they have booked with us because we are the only ones that actually took the trouble to get back with them in a timely manner and seemed to care.

Both of the principals of our business, Anthony Flesch, Owner, and Susan Perry, Office Manager and Planner, are licensed ministers, lending them the unique opportunity to extend the ideals of compassion and caring, integrity and real personal attention into every aspect of their work.

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