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How would you describe what you do?
Simply put, our purpose is to ensure an incredibly beautiful, flawless wedding, and to do everything possible to let the couple and their families relax and enjoy the planning process and wedding day to the fullest extent.
We specialize in creating breath-taking décor suited perfectly to a couple’s personalities and tastes. We give your vision a voice and take care of every detail to create a magical, sentimental day full of sweet ambiance and joy.
For planet-conscious couples, we can help you design a beautiful Eco-Chic wedding that considers ways to reduce and offset the environmental impact of your big day.
How long have you been in the business?
Five years.
What is your philosophy on a wedding planners’ role in helping brides and grooms plan their wedding?
Our role and the extent of our guidance is always determined by our client’s wishes and needs. Some couples have no idea of what they want – they just want help! We would use our wealth of experience to lead those couples in every aspect of their planning. Other couples have very specific ideas and need a discerning eye, and professional tools and resources which we can provide, to help achieve the exact vision they’re dreaming of.
Do you offer packages?  If so, please describe.
  • Ultra Chic is our full-service package that gives you comprehensive, one-on-one attention and care throughout every stage of planning and wedding events.
  • Month-Of is uniquely Tres Chic, where we offer traditional “Day-Of” coordination, with many more perks that allow you to have consultation and assistance the month prior to your wedding.
  • Chic Design is for those who love to plan themselves, but need a professional eye and advice in creating a stylized décor design.
What is your most popular package?  Why?
Ultra Chic is by far the most popular because we find that brides are so busy and overwhelmed with the myriad of tasks it takes to plan their wedding. Brides love knowing we’re highly organized and on-top of every detail throughout their engagement period, which reduces their stress and lets them actually enjoy the planning process.
How do you charge?  What are your rates?
Flat fees for each package. Please inquire.
Are you able to counsel couples on wedding etiquette?
Absolutely. We use a mix of traditional and contemporary etiquette, always reassuring our brides that this is their wedding, and for the most part, there aren’t many ‘rules’ you can’t break if you want to be creative.
Do you offer any other special services?
We can provide or arrange for any specialty service couples need.
Is there anything else you would like me to know?
It is our practice to always pass along industry/vendor discounts to our valued clients, saving them money and allowing them access to higher quality professional vendors.

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